We do often pickle large series of mass produced brackets, small pieces and spikes.

We´re specialists regarding pickling all from small items to more complicated pipe systems, engine housings and all bigger constructions made from stainless steel type AISI 304 and AISI 316.

We do also pickle stainless steel type AISI 303 (special dip) plus SAF and SMO alloys for use within Offshore industry :)
We do not only treat newly produced goods. We also do sometimes pickle used goods, making the goods look as good as new :)

After pickling ALL goods are passivated by use of extreme acid.
Then the goods are cleaned carefully by use of waterjet.

We dry all customers items with great care, before returning goods to our customers or their end-user.

Foreign companies that do business with Danish companies often use us cause they can send the very sensible but untreated stainless items the long way to Denmark, have it pickled and passivated here, we know most Danish companies, so our deliveries are always accurate!
Elektro Protect Denmark
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